Further Testimonials

a brilliantly written and impressive script (Multiple Choice)

George Aza-Selinger,

(was then) Literary Manager, National Theatre of Scotland

“I really enjoyed reading the script (Multiple Choice) - lovely writing. The characterisation felt very truthful and gave the piece both dark humour and power.”

David Neville

BBC Radio Drama Producer

"Scripts that have come this far have shown a high techical ability, a strong story, vivid characterisation, have startled and surprised me in some way, and have proved memorable over the life of the contest. I would be happy to recommend any of the writers on this list as having genuine talent and strong commercial potential."

Philip Gladwin, Writer, Editor and Founder of Screenwriting Goldmine

“I studied the Screenwriting Masters with Ronnie at Edinburgh Napier University, and have known him as both a friend and fellow writer ever since. Ronnie brings professionalism, integrity, creativity and assured writing skills to his work as a screenwriter, and he is both destined for and deserves great success in the industry.”

Laura Anderson MA, Writer and Actress

"I was constantly impressed with the bagful of ideas that Ronnie always seemed to have at his disposal, but also at the tenacity he displayed when it came to getting them made … he is a screenwriter of great versatility who always delivers, and I have no hesitation in recommending him."

James Mavor

Screenwriter and Programme Leader, MA Film, MFA Advanced Film Practice

Screen Academy Scotland