Optioned Features, Produced Shorts and a Play

Out There 

a Scottish horror feature optioned by Gallus Films (www.gallusfilms.co.uk)

Director:    David Lumsden

Producer:   David Brown

A troubled man, searching for his missing daughter is drawn to a mysterious island, where he disturbs a community of inbred religious fanatics.

- selected as a project in development to be pitched at a panel 

of financiers, distributors and producers at the Glasgow Film Festival 2017 

selected as one of eight European feature films 

in development, to take part in the European Genre Forum, 2017 and further developed at labs during, Imagine Film Festival, Amsterdam; Fantastic Film Festiva, Zagreb, and Black Nights Film Festival, Tallin.

- selected as one of seven UK feature film projects to be pitched to execs at the Filmarket Hub 2020 UK Online Pitchbox


Those Promises Made 

A thriller feature optioned by Hipster Films                (www.hipster-films.com)

Director:      Jo Lewis     (https://imdb.to/3gF2Zwa)

Producer:    Dominic Barlow    (https://imdb.to/3kyPyyF)  

An IRA informant’s whereabouts are exposed when he takes in an orphaned boy.

- selected for the Film London Production Finance Market                (https://bit.ly/3nfitLc) taking place October, 2021.

Best Evidence

a thriller feature optioned by Cavendish Fante Picture Company (cavendishfante.com)

A disgraced former detective, trying to forget his past and the fatal mistake he made, is drawn back into a world he left behind when a dying killer breaks his silence and promises to reveal the whereabouts of a missing child’s body. 

Just Cause

a thriller that was selected by Amazon Studios for inclusion on their Notable Projects list

When news is broken to a serving soldier that her father has committed suicide, she returns home to discover that he didn't take his own life and his killers are now hunting her troubled brother. In a race against time she must find out why, save her brother, then seek retribution.

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Peter Mullan and Vicki Masson in The Neighbours
Small Gifts directed by Brady Hood
Plagium, starring Jason Flemyng
still from Arthur Cant, directed by Fabio Dominguez

The Neighbours 

Adapted from the Raymond Carver short story, 'Neighbors', this is the story of a middle-aged couple's exposure to an enviable lifestyle and the effect this has on their relationship.

Featuring - Peter Mullan and Vicki Masson.

Selected for: Short Film Corner at the Festival De Cannes, France, May 2010 - Palm Springs International Shortfest Film Market, USA, June 2010 - Odense International Film Festival, Denmark, August 2010 - Berwickshire Film Festival, July2010 - Loch Ness Film Festival, September 2010 - Port Townsend Film Festival, USA, September 2010 - Tacoma Film Festival, USA, October 2010 -

17th Lodz International Film and TV School's Festival, Poland, October 2010 - Adelaide Film Festival, Australia, February 2011 -

The Lewis Coastal Film Festival, March 2011 - London's East End Film Festival, April 2011 - Glasgow's Southside Film Festival, May 2011 - Edinburgh Short Film Festival, June, 2011 - Glasgow's Deep Fried Film Festival, August 2011 - Inverness Film Festival, November 2011 - Sleepwalkers International Student and Short Film Festival, Estonia, Nov 2013 - Shorts on Tap, London, March 2014

Small Gifts

A chance encounter with a stranger helps a young boy come to terms with the death of his mother.

Featuring - Shaheen Khan, Nick Bagnall and Harry Soper

Selected for: Short Film Corner at the Festival De Cannes, May, 2010 - London's East End Film Festival, April, 2010 - Underground Cinema, Season IV, Dun Laoghaire, Feb 2013 - Landed Festival, Wales, May 2013 - goNORTH Festival, Scotland, 2013 - ONE OF 10 FINALISTS IN THE INTERNATIONAL FILMS SHORT COMPETITION (along with Plagium) Jan 201 (www.filmsshort.com) - ONE OF THREE FILMS SHORTLISTED FOR FILM OF THE MONTH at Shooting People July 2011 -

NOMINATED FOR BEST SHORT FILM at London's East End Film Festival 2010 - MOST PROMISING TALENT awarded to Director, Brady Hood by "Our Indie Cinema" for 'Small Gifts' (www.ourindiecinema.com) - DISTRIBUTION DEAL

signed for 'Small Gifts' with Shorts International



In this modern-day fairytale, a young girl who believes that everything will be happy ever after, is oblivious to the disintegration of her parents marriage.

Featuring - Jason Flemyng, Elly Fairman, Peter Glover, Elizabeth Holland, David Ross Elliott, Grace Vallorani, and introducing Eva Burke

Selected for: Write Shoot Cut, Edinburgh May 2012 - Edinburgh Short Film Festival June 2012 - Soul4Reel Film Festival, Maryland, USA March 2013 - Landed Festival, Wales May 2013 - goNORTH Festival, Scotland June 2013 - Limelight Film Awards, London June 2013 - Loch Ness Film Festival, Scotland July 2013

Arthur Cant

Arthur Cant's public toilet phobias mean he just ... can't.

Featuring - Dai Tysall, Antonia Davies, Christopher Tajah, David Cary.

Selected for: Limelight Film Awards, London June 2012 - Short Com, Edinburgh July 2012 - British Urban Film Festival, London Oct 2012 -

COFILMIC Comedy Film Festival, Manchester Oct 2012 - Finalist in the Palme Dewar Scottish Short Film Awards, Perthshire Nov 2012 -

Camberwell Free Film Festival, London March 2013 - Heartland Film Society, Aberfeldy April 2013 - Troubador Film Night, London April 2013 - Landed Festival,Wales May 2013 - Edinburgh Short Film Festival, June 2013 - goNORTH Festival, Scotland June 2013 - Shorts on Tap, London Nov 2013

Torn directed by Craig James Moncur
Like We Used To, directed by Monica Gonzalez Carter
Like We Used To, directed by Monica Gonzalez Carter


When a young boy is taken, questions are asked, and secrets emerge.

Featuring - Robert Williamson, Gareth Morrison, Cameron Cessford, John Kielty, David Robb, Jordanna O'Neill.

Selected for: Moving Pictures Festival, Antwerp, Belgium, August, 2016 - Mindfield Film Festival, Los Angeles, Oct, 2016.

Like We Used To

Once they were lovers, years later, as one lies close to death, they are reunited.

Featuring - Niall Coyle, Amelia Gardham, Ben Manz, Louise Thomas. 

Out There (proof of concept)

In the forest in the middle of the night, a terrified man fleeing unseen pursuers runs out onto a country road and is hit by a car.  The panicked driver tends to the badly injured stranger, before waving down a passing van, unaware of the horror that awaits. 

Featuring - Douglas Russell, Jamie Robson, Iain MacRae.

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

Stage Play - A monologue set that examines the effect of drug abuse, not only on the users, but also on their loved ones and their victims.  Ran for two weeks at the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe before moving to the Byre Theatre, St Andrews.